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Sketches for the kit

Hi,I am struggling to find the sketches for some of the Arduino kit lessons. Can you help?I am looking for the sketch that goes with lesson 19 - ultrasonic distance sensor (it has an LCD display).Thank you

by Noo***
April 2016 08:36 am



About Lcd1602 kit for UNO R3

The one thing you must do if you want to use the LCD on the breadboard is solder the provided connector feet (after cutting off the correct number of prongs,) into the holes on the top edge of the LCD circuit board. If you have no experience in this, or no soldering tools, you might want to consider an Arduino shield. Most of these stand-alone LCD panels are sold this way, so be warned.The other caveat is to be sure and download the PDF file for this kit (it is not shipped with the kit,) and follow the wiring instructions EXACTLY. I watched some really good YouTube tutorials on Arduino/LCDs on which they only hooked up one set of grounds/+5, but on this panel both ends of the connectors must be used. Their support by e-mail was excellent in helping me figure that out.Shipping from Asia takes a week or two, so be patient. Here in California, I got mine in about 9 days, which is better than average.

by Andy
March 2016 14:59 pm



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