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Tibetan Tea

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Tea in Tibet is said to have been brought by Princess Wencheng as a dowry. Throughout history, the people here have developed a Tibetan diet, among which butter tea is a wholesome drink known for its nutrition and unique making method. Butter tea can produce high calories, which can prevent cold in elevated regions. It is a very suitable tea in Tibet. Until now, the tea culture on the Tibetan Plateau has developed over one thousand years.

Butter tea, with unique Tibetan ethnic characteristics, has been integrated into the social customs, etiquette, and daily life. Drinking a bottle of tea is an indispensable part of Tibetan social life. Tibetan people will serve up a cup of butter tea to guests from far away, which is a custom in Tibet and shows respectful, harmonious, and peaceful relief in their life. In the hall of the railway station or airport, it is common to find people carrying warm water bottles filled with butter tea to see their relatives or friends off. To celebrate the new birth of a baby, friends, or family will bring the butter tea as a gift. In the hospital, a bottle of butter tea can comfort a patient much.

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