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Introducing the DarkPaw Robot
Product List
* Basic Course
Lesson 1 Introduction to Raspberry Pi
Lesson 2 Introduction of Robot HAT
Lesson 3 Installing and Configuring Raspberry Pi System
Lesson 4 How to View or Edit Code on a Raspberry Pi
Lesson 5 How to Control a 180° Servo
Lesson 6 Controlling a Warm Color LED
Lesson 7 Controlling a WS2812 LED
Lesson 8 How to Take a Photo with Raspberry Pi
Lesson 9 Transmit Image in Real Time
Lesson 10 Performing Color Detection with OpenCV
Lesson 11 Reading Data from MPU6050
Lesson 12 Configuring Auto-run Program
Precautions for Assembly
Assembly Tutorial
* Comprehensive Course
Introduce the gait of Darkpaw Robot
Introduce calling API to control the robot
* WEB control
Lesson 1 Introducing Web Controller UI
Lesson 2 Introducing the Warning Light Function
Lesson 3 Introducing the Self-Balancing Function
Lesson 4 Introduction to the Servo Fine-tuning Function
* GUI control
Lesson 1 Introducing GUI Control UI
Lesson 2 Introducing Self-Balancing Function
Lesson 3 Introducing Color Detection Function
* Mobile APP control
Controlling Robot via Mobile App

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