Musicians Froth At The Bit At The Variety Of Raspberry Pi Uses

Musicians Froth At The Bit At The Variety Of Raspberry Pi Uses

While the Brits may not be famous for their tech, the Raspberry Pi might just change that with over 14 million units sold across the globe. This little computer packs a whole lot of processing punch and is used for such a wide array of applications, that the production is said to go up to 100,000 per week. The computer is used for STEM development in schools, works as a music player by linking up to music apps, and more. For musicians, however, there is a whole array of other applications that make the Raspberry Pi a must-have as part of their gear setup.

Complete New Musical Instruments

There are few things as exciting to a musician than the opportunity to find that new sound, and the answer might just lie in some beets and a Raspberry Pi. The designer, Scott Garner, has designed a platform that houses the beets and allows them to work like keys. This setup is hooked up to the computer and the result is a Beet Box that will provide a terrific visual and audio show for those who are willing to risk their musical cred for some fun. The Joytone is another musical instrument that features the Raspberry Pi, only in this instance, there are no vegetables present. Instead, for keys, the Joytone uses Xbox joystick pads to create sounds.

Guitarists Eat Your Hearts Out

There is something exciting about getting new gear for guitarists. Whether it’s changing out their pickups in order to get the right guitar tone, or changing to a different set of strings in order to be able to play that drop C, musicians are always exploring the limits of their guitar’s ability. Pedals provide additional effects and in a guitarist’s arsenal, these are critical to getting a diversity of sounds, notes, and ranges for the perfect melody. Pedal Pi is an ingenious integration of the Raspberry Pi Zero and offers the option to share the audio creations with a worldwide audience.

Musical Workstations For The Non-Technical

There are a number of reasons why the Raspberry Pi music workstation is a hit with musicians freshies. MIDI and stereo ports offer a number of mixing opportunities for amateur musicians, and at EUR99, the PiSound is affordable too. The custom-coded button allows musicians creative freedom in creation.

The Raspberry Pi is a must-add to any musician’s arsenal thanks to its versatility.

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