Making A Simple Remote Control Device

Making A Simple Remote Control Device


The 1838B IR Receiver is a 38KHz IR receiver that can receive signals modulated by a standard 38KHz remote control. By programming the Arduino UNO R3 board, we can decode the signals.


– 1 * Adeept Arduino UNO R3 Board

– 1 * IR Receiver Module

– 1 * Remote Controller Module

– 1 * USB Cable

– 1 * 4-Pin Wires

Experimental Principle

The Fritzing image:

Pin definition:

S Digital output

The schematic diagram:

In this experiment, by programming the Arduino board, we encode the data received by the IR Receiver that is sent by the remote control, and display the deciphered data on Serial Monitor via the serial port. In the program, we use the Arduino-IRremote-master library (provided).

Experimental Procedures

Step 1: Build the circuit

Adeept UNO R3 Board IR Receiver Module
D11 S
5V +

Step 2: Install the function library (






Step 3: Program  _33_IRReceiverModule.ino

Step 4: Compile and download the sketch to the UNO R3 board.

Now press any key on the remote control, and you will see the corresponding code displayed on Serial Monitor.

Note: that the “FFFFFF” indicates the data sent out when the key is pressed for a long time

The following figure is the key value of the remote control. The top is decimal data, and the bottom is hexadecimal data.

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