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Rasptank-software install success!-hardware install need help

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Software install was not easy--but I think I'm at least 90% there.

Kept having issues with the not being able to find various components it needed.
1) Installed latest full version of Raspian
2) Connected monitor keyboard mouse to complete setup (instructions to make wpa supplicant and files did not work)
3) sudo apt update and sudo apt upgrade (the problem is missing components and I have a bigger SD card than I need so I figure extra software I don't need isn't a problem. Loading it up with as many libraries etc. as I can find)
3) Ran directly on the Pi (I was already connected)
4) Manually ran directly on the PI
5) Scrolled up through terminal looking for errors. The errors I got said it could not find various components.
6) Googled "how to install XXXX on Raspberry Pi.
7) install XXXX using apt or pip
8) repeat step 4-7 until there are no errors. seems to stop when it encounters an error, so if you have more than one, you can only find one at a time.

I got SSH working during my initial setup, and switched to Putty at one point so I could copy/paste commands.

I did about a million clean installs before I figured out a process. I'm not sure, but it doesn't seem like it was the same components each time that caused the problem.
OpenCV was a consistent PITA, on my final successful install I actually installed OpenCV BEFORE running

Windows client now connects to the Rasptank and accepts commands.

Hardware issues:
1) Servos installed in the incorrect order. I'm sure I can figure out which servo goes into which port through trial and error, but does anyone know the right order and can save me the trouble?
2) No video. Could be a software problem, but I'm about 50/50 I just installed the ribbon cable upside down on either the pi or the camera. Gonna check that first. Requires quite a bit of disassembly to get that far though.
3) Cable management is really difficult. Anyone have any good tricks for cramming those cables into the tank?

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1, On page 41 and page 42 of the manual, the wiring sequence of the servo is mentioned.
2, Is the cable connected to the camera reversed? Check if the golden finger on the connection points correctly. If you are sure there is no problem with the camera installation, maybe you don't have opencv, zmq or pybase64 installed on your PC. Installation is mentioned on page 60 of the manual.
3, After the wire is connected step by step, the problem of the wire can be eliminated. You won't be bothered.
Here is the installation video of the product, hope it can help

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