UNO controls SIM900 module

By TOM | 02 June 2018 | 4113 Comments
we will use UNO to control SIM900A module to send text message to our phone or make a call.
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Basic C language

By winter | 24 February 2018 | 6716 Comments
These are the key words and symbols of the basic C language.
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By aa | 21 February 2018 | 1 Comments
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DIY a acceleration remote control to control the Adeept Smart Car

By Tom | 02 February 2018 | 1950 Comments
How to make an Arduino Based Gesture control Adeept smart Car. the accelerometer(ADXL345) detects movement and wirelessly operate robot using the rf24 module.
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Why Smart Car wireless communication will fail?

By Tom | 25 January 2018 | 1858 Comments
The reason why Smart Car wireless communication will fail is summarized
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