Up to 50% off on Black Friday!

Up to 50% off on Black Friday!

Black Friday sale!

Form 2019/11/25 00:00:00 to 2019/12/08 23:59:00, discount will be  given when entering the coupon code!

Coupon Code Minimum Purchase Amount Coupon Value
AD0181DWXP $100 15% OFF
ADWO6QKSA7 $200 25% OFF
AD1EDGR571 $500 30% OFF
AD8EWK1KER $1,000 35% OFF
ADBDIFZ6UM $2,000 40% OFF
ADKR2UA3S2 $5,000 45% OFF
ADW33YTK73 $10,000 50% OFF

Check our star products:

Adeept RaspClaws Hexapod Spider Robot Kit


Adeept DarkPaw Bionic Quadruped Spider Robot Kit


Adeept RaspTank WiFi Wireless Smart Robot Car Kit



Adeept Quadruped Robot Kit for Arduino



Adeept Arduino Compatible DIY 5-DOF Robotic Arm Kit


Adeept Mars Rover PiCar-B WiFi Smart Robot Car Kit


Click https://www.adeept.com/to see more!



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