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37 in 1 Sensors Kit | Sensor Starter Kit for Arduino Raspberry Pi Sensor Kit

Infrared sensor receiver module
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  • Description
  • 37 Sensors Assortment Kit in One Starter Kit
  • 37 Sensors Assortment Kit for Arduino MCU Education
  • Touch sensor moduleHeartbeat detection module
  • Infrared sensor receiver module

Package Included:
1x Small passive buzzer module
1x 2-color LED module
1x Hit sensor module
1x Vibration switch module
1x Photo resistor module
1x Key switch module
1x Tilt switch module
1x 3-color full-colour LED SMD module
1x Infrared sensor module
1x 3-colour LED module
1x Mercury open optical module
1x Yin Yi 2-color LED module 3MM
1x Active buzzer module
1x Temperature sensor module
1x Automatic flashing colourful LED module
1x Mini magnetic reed module
1x Hall effect magnetic sensor module
1x Infrared sensor receiver module
1x Class Bihor magnetic sensor
1x Magic light cup module
1x Rotary encoder module
1x Optical broken module
1x Heartbeat detection module
1x Reed module
1x Obstacle avoidance sensor module
1x Hunt sensor module
1x Microphone sound sensor module
1x Laser module
1x 5V relay module
1x Temperature sensor module (KY-001)
1x Temperature sensor module (KY-028)
1x Linear magnetic Hall sensor module
1x Flame sensor module
1x Sensitive microphone sensor module
1x Temperature and humidity sensor module
1x XY-axis joystick module
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