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Adeept RaspTank Pro Robot Car Kit, WiFi Wireless Smart Robot for Raspberry Pi 4 3/3B+, 3-DOF Robotic Arm, OpenCV Target Tracking, Video Transmission

STEM ROBOT: RaspTank Pro is a robot based on Raspberry Pi 4/3, it is an educational kit designed for beginners and professionals to learn electronic technology, programming and robotics.
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  • Description
Educational Coding: RaspTank Pro is a perfect STEAM toy and coolest robotic kit for adults and sensirs learn in play, you can build your own robot and explore endless learning activities, improving innovative minds, hands-on ability, scientific thinking, computational thinking, logical thinking, problem solving ability, etc.

Main Features:
Object Recognition and Tracking - based on openCV,can track objects of a specific shape or color;
Line Tracking - based on infrared reflection, it can walk along the route you set;
Automatic Obstacle Avoidance - based on ultrasonic sensor, it can avoid obstacles ahead and find the next path;
Real-time Video Transmission - it can transfer the real-time images taken by the Raspberry Pi camera to a remote computer;
Remotely Controlled by APP - You can remotely control the robot through the buttons on the keyboard or the virtual buttons on the GUI;
Equipped with 12x WS8212 serial RGB LEDs, these RGB LEDs can be controlled through only one GPIO pin;
Easy to assemble - the new generation educational RaspTank Pro is more easy to assemble with the detailed instructions.
LEARN TO CODE EASILY - You can learn how to code faster and easier than ever with videos, manuals, provide with the coding for Python.

  • STEM ROBOT: RaspTank Pro is a robot based on Raspberry Pi 4/3 Model B+/B, it is an educational kit for designed for beginners and professionals to learn electronic technology, programming and robotics, programming, entertainment, innovation(Raspberry Pi is NOT included)
  • EASY to ASSEMBLE: HEAVY DUTY Aluminium body structure. Easy wiring, no soldering required.
  • APP CONTROL: Automatically self-built signal hot spot after power on, the user just needs to connect smart phone (iOS/Android APP) or PC with the robot's signal to control.
  • SIMPLE, INTELLIGENT, FUN PROJECT: Control your Robot Car by Android and iOS App, allowing many functions such as line tracking, color recognition, motion detection, real-time video transmission, obstacle avoidance etc.

Download Tutorials:


Package List:
2x F624ZZ bearing
4x 481 metal gasket
2x Track (including coupling and wheels)
1x 51105 Thrust Bearing
1x 0.96 OLED screen
1x 18650 battery Holder
1x Adeept Robot HAT driver board
1x MPU6050 (pin)
2x DC motor (with cable)
2x WS2812 RGB LED Module
1x Ultrasonic Sensor
1x Line Tracking module
2x MG946R Servo
3x AD002 servo
1x Raspberry Pi camera
1x Camera black long cable
2x 3pin cable (WS2812)
2x 4pin cable
1x 5pin cable
2x Servo extension cable
Other necessary accessories(Wires, Nuts, Screws, Copper Standoffs, etc.)
Requirements: 1x Raspberry Pi & 2x 18650 battery

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