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Adeept Hexapod Spider Robot Kit for Arduino with Android APP and Python GUI, Spider Walking Crawling Robot, STEAM Robotics Kit with PDF Manual

STEAM Educational Robot - A complete Bionic Hexapod Spider Robot Kit based on Arduino. It can be remotely controlled by Android APP or Python GUI APP on PC(based on WiFi)
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  • Description

This is an awesome open source hexapod spider robot which allows anyone to build their own walking robot with no prior knowledge in robotics.

The robot was designed by Adeept to help beginners as well as more advanced robot enthusiasts get into the exciting world of robotics. The robot kit includes everything needed to assemble and start having fun with your very own hexapod Robot! From the high quality acrylic structure/body and fasteners that make up the body of the robot to the custom printed circuit board, pre-programmed Arduino controller, Ultrasonic Range Sensor and ESP8266 WiFi Module.

We developed a Python-based graphical human-computer interaction UI and Android APP for this robot, and the communication between the APP and the robot is based on WiFi. You can control the robot through the APP.

  • STEAM Educational Robot - A complete Bionic Hexapod Spider Robot Kit based on Arduino. It can be remotely controlled by Android APP or Python GUI APP on PC(based on WiFi)
  • Easy to Assemble and Coding - A PDF manual with illustrations is considerately prepared for you, which teaches you to build your hexapod robot step by step
  • Powered by 2x18650 batteries(NOT included). You need to prepare your own batteries.


Download Tutorials:

Package List:
1 Set Acrylic Plates
1x Adeept Pixie(Robot Main Board based on Arduino)
1x ESP8266 WiFi Module
1x MPU6050 Gyro Sensor Module
14x AD002 Servo
1x Ultrasonic Range Sensor
2x Adeept WS2812 RGB LED Module
1x Micro USB Cable
1x Battery Holder
1x Cross Socket Wrench
3x Screwdriver(Small*1 and Large*2)
Other Necessary Accessories(Wires, Nuts, Screws, Copper Standoffs, etc.)
Customer Reviews
Recent Reviews
  • ByGirik
  • Jan 13, 2024
This robot is very cool and interesting and made up of 13 motors, it can be fun to control it if it works,

But when you try to upload code into this it shows error messages like power surges on the port, the port should be more well designed, it also gets easily heated because of the short circuit and sometimes when you try to upload code it does not even show up the port after multiple power surge error messages.

  • ByVladislav
  • Junior Member
  • Dec 04, 2019
And the second part - The Assembly : ) Short video with my assistants - Michael and Slava.


There are some bugs in the ino-file that need to be fixed, but overall I'm very happy with the robot and the kids are very happy too.

  • ByVladislav
  • Junior Member
  • Nov 21, 2019
My Open box Adeept Hexapod Video:
I can't wait for assembly to begin. When my boss and my children leave me for a few hours alone : ) So far I have only tried the new servos and I'am very pleased with the tests. When I assemble it, I will write in more detail. At this point, I can only say that there is no better "value for money" ratio for Hexapods than Adeept.