Back-to-school season brings the large discount!

Back-to-school season brings the large discount!

Holiday slips away and it’s the time to go back to school. Whether at the moment you’re having a bitter face for the end of your holiday or anxious to start the new semester, Adeept is going to bring you the most exciting news! All the kits will have the best discount for the whole year! Why not seize the time and pick up your favorites? Order over $150 can get discount of 30% off and order above $100 will be delivered via DHL. Coupon code ADZNI878ZG, with immediate effect to 30th, Step, and it applies to any products on our official website. If you are a STEAM educator or distributor and would like to order kits in batches, please email us at, we will give you an even better offer.

Wonder what you can get? Take a glimpse now:

Robotic arm, spider robot 3.0 etc, for Arduino

DarkPaw, RaspTank, PiCar-B etc, for Raspberry Pi


Multiple starter learning kits for Arduino, Raspberry Pi and BBC micro:bit.

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