Be our reviewer and get a robot kit for free!

Be our reviewer and get a robot kit for free!

Even excellent people need a talent scout , the same, our excellent products need your opinions to become perfect. Adeept has been working hard to improve the user experience, in order to bring high- quality products to customers, we’re all ears to you, now we need your reviews and give us the the feedback. And a small tips for you, participating in testing the products and leaving reviews is free of charge. If you are Youtuber, or KOL active on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, then it can’t be better! We can’t wait to invite you to work together and promote our products to more electronic programming enthusiasts. For more details, please contact

234 Replies to “Be our reviewer and get a robot kit for free!”

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  80. I have started my journey in learning how to build robots . I was astonished and excited with your projects. With simple thing you have done so may things with less amount expenditure. Really , you great . After watching your valuable projects , i was stunned and learn some knowledge from you with your kind permission . Then , How to become a student ? and which channel is there to meet you as student ?. My ambition , to become good enough to build and design my own robotics one day..

    Cool regards,

  81. I just did a review on the Adeept Arduino Compatible DIY 5-DOF Robotic Arm Kit for Arduino UNO R3 that I just bought. I gave the product 10 stars! The kit is high quality, and the manual is absolutely great. I’m currently working a technical document to make RobotC for Arduino to use on this robot arm. Did you know that RobotC for Arduino is FREE? It is far superior to Arduino IDE. I have just about all features for the robot arm configured to work with RobotC. Let me tell you something else! The Support section here are just tops! They are fast on replying back, a fine bunch of people. The boss should give them a bigger paycheck. Due to their support to me, I will be buying all my things from this company! I am a VERY satisfied customer! When I like a company and their products, I go all out to promote them. When I review anything I am 100% honest and base everything on fact, not emotions! I absolutely love Adeept, their products, and their Support section. I give 10 STARS to all of them!

  82. I just started my journey in learning how to build robots with the Rasptank and am very excited. It looks like there are a lot of supporting documents and tutorials on the adeept website which is encouraging. I’m also excited that there is a free download kit to use a 3d printer to build a crossbow. My goal, to become good enough to build and design my own robotics one day.

  83. Hi Team,

    just received your first boxes and getting the hang of it pretty easly. I dont think i might qualify to comment much on your robot but hey if you have a spare one thanks for considering me.
    All the best and keep up the good work.
    A happy client.

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  97. I am currently homeschooling my 2 daughters and we are starting a robotics club in our city. I have several of your kits that we use for training and your new kit would be a great opportunity for us all to work with it and learn from it. We would very much like to have the opportunity to work with it and review it for you. There are 11 of us so far, but it is growing all the time!

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  113. I can’t wait to get the robot! My brother and I dream of being youtube stars. I also dream of bring an inventor. We really really want some kind of cool thing to start us off. We got a RaspberryPi and Ultimate starter kit for Christmas. I’m using it to build an incubator for baby chicks for my science fair.

  114. This make easy for us to build robot . I love your products
    . So well made and designed . I am fan of your website. From
    Adeept I am now better in robotics.

  115. Adeept Robot is easy to build and this helps in the kid developing building and technical coding skills which is good for development. I am planning to setup and developing high school on such projects and this is a very good learning on AI and Machine Learning.

  116. i am teacher of class 5 to 10 of computer, i want to teach my student with the help of your design and i want to encourage the students toward computer science,science is not just theory or marks or numbers or grades ,science is adventure,fun and reward that will fullfill your all dream

  117. Hi,
    Are you still looking for reviewer to your products? If so, I am interested in helping, as I currently teach a class using one of your kits.

  118. J’adore vos produits. Je suis rendu a plusieurs robots Adeept que j’ai construis pour acquérir l’expérience nécessaire pour être en mesure d’enseigner la robotique et programmation au jeunes enfants pour leur avenir. Il me fera très plaisir de pouvoir évaluer et commenter vos produits.

  119. I am a professor at a polytechnic institute in electrical engineering and I teach students about robotics I could help you guys to make some tweaks with your designs

  120. it is hard to give you enough praise… You have heard your customer and what a beautiful educational platform you created… Adeept has the best quality and most sought after parts and accessories in STEM classes to the eyes hands and minds of the best of our future programmers builders and tinkerers

    1. hi sir, I worked at kidi robotics. I am a teacher and I teach how to build robots, how to programs them etc. If you give us a free kit we were very thankful to you.

  121. Dear Sir,
    I am a Working Engineer and Youtuber from Pakistan. I have biggest Science channel in Pakistan and I want to introduce/Review your Adeept product line on my Youtube and Facebook channel. We are launching our online educational website in next week which will bring Pakistani students online. All my social links are below so kindly let me know how i can get your product line and some courses to promote Python with your intelligent robots in Pakistan in Urdu language. Currently I have 100K followers on social media
    Takhti Channel:
    FB Page:
    FB Group:

    Adeel Imtiaz

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