Blinking LED

Blinking LED

LED is usually used in office lighting, furniture, decoration, sign board, streetlight, etc.

– 1 * Adeept Arduino UNO R3 Board
– 1 * LED Module
– 1 * USB Cable
– 1 * 3-Pin Wires
Experimental Principle  
The Fritzing images:

Pin definition:

The schematic diagram:

In this experiment, we make the pin D8 of the Arduino board output High/Low by programming, to control the LED to blink in a certain frequency.
Experimental Procedures
Step 1: Build the circuit

Step 2: Program

File name:  _01_LEDModule.ino
Description:  Lit LED, let LED blinks.
Author: Tom
Date: 2017/07/12 
int ledPin=8; //definition digital 8 pin to control the LED module
void setup()
    pinMode(ledPin,OUTPUT);    //Set the digital 8 port mode, OUTPUT: Output mode
void loop()
    digitalWrite(ledPin,HIGH); //HIGH is set to about 5V PIN8
    delay(500);                //Set the delay time, 500 = 0.5S
    digitalWrite(ledPin,LOW);  //LOW is set to about 5V PIN8
    delay(500);                //Set the delay time, 500 = 0.5S

Step 3: Compile and download the sketch to the UNO R3 board.

Connect the Arduino UNO R3 board to the PC. Select Tool -> Board Arduino/Genuino Uno, and Port – > COM3. Also here is COM3, assigned to the Uno, but it can be COM1, COM2, COM3…

Now you can see the LED on the LED module blinks once per second.

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