Debug ESP8266 with a modified UNO

Debug ESP8266 with a modified UNO

Today we will use UNO R3 as a serial converter and debug ESP8266 with a modified UNO.
– 1 * Adeept UNO R3 Board
– 1 * ESP8266 Module
– 1 * Breadboard
– 1 * USB Cable
– 1 * Male To Male Jumper Wires
– 6 * Male To Female Jumper Wires

Experimental Principle 
The ESP8266 needs a serial port for communication.To communicate with the ESP8266, you have to use a serial port converter.If you do not have serial converter, use a UNO board without the Mega328 chip. Be careful not to break the chip’s pins when removing the Mega328 chip.
Remove as shown below:

UNO R3 board serial port connection diagram as shown below:
UNO R3 download link arduino_Uno_Rev3-02-TH

The pin description of ESP8266:

Common instructions:
AT Instruction Set__EN_  download link:AT Instruction Set__EN_v0.40
AT Command Examples__EN  download link:AT Command Examples__EN_v0.6

Serial debugging software:
download link:USR-TCP232-Test
Build the circuit

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