How to Control a Raspberry Pi Robot by Adeept APP

How to Control a Raspberry Pi Robot by Adeept APP

Method of controlling raspberry pi robot by Adeept mobile app:

For the robot we have updated the app control mode.

There is an file in the server folder. After running it, you can open a server to monitor the connection of the mobile app.

If you have already installed a program for a robot product, just update its code:

Browse the root directory of the robot product in the Raspberry Pi terminal with the command cd [robot_name].

Update the project with sudo git pull.

If you want to set the to run automatically, you can refer to the following methods:

With the command sudo nano

Edit the file and change the //PATH/ to //PATH/

Press ctrl + x to exit, press y to save the changes, press enter to confirm.

Then it will automatically run the mobile terminal program the next time you turn it on.

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  1. I have built the RaspClaws robot and setup the software on a Raspberry Pi 4B. I have installed the Adeept Remote Control Android app, stopped on my Raspberry Pi 4B, started (says waiting for connection). Then when I enter the correct IP address and Port number (10123) – the mobile app crashes (no error messages shown). I have tried this numerous times, restarted the Raspberry Pi and even tried running while is running

    Can you help?

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