Why Smart Car wireless communication will fail?

Why Smart Car wireless communication will fail?

If the communication is successful, the remote controller can observe the following phenomenon

If the above phenomenon dosen’t appear, it indicates that the communication failed.The reasons why Smart Car wireless communication will fail are summarized as below.

First: the wireless module (nrf24L01) on the Adeept motor shield is in the wrong position or the wireless module on the Adeept Remote Control Shield (nrf24L01) is in the wrong position. They both will cause the failure of robotic wireless communication. Adeept motor shield wireless module is connected to the P2 port, the connection is as shown below.

The wireless module on the Adeept Remote Control Shield connects to the P4 interface. As shown below:

Wrong connection of the wireless module may damage the wireless module.

Second: The pins of the Adeept motor shield may cause wireless communications failure. In this case, only the pins of the Adeept motor shield need to be handled properly and then re-installed on the UNO board. As shown below:

Third: When the battery level indicator LED on the Adeept motor shield turns off, the wireless communication will be interrupted .

Fourth: the wireless module on the Adeept motor shield has loosened. As shown below:

The solution: use the A03 acrylic plate we provide and a double-sided adhesive (self-prepared parts). As shown below:

Affix one side of the A03 acrylic board with a small piece of double-sided adhesive. As shown below:

Then paste the other side of the double-sided adhesive on the Adeept motor shield’s capacitance. As shown below:

Install the wireless module. As shown below.

Fifth: the connectionthe between the wireless module and double rows of female seat has loosened. Double rows of female base in the gold pin and the silver module of the silver pin phase at the junction may have poor contact. At this point we need to bend the silver pins of the wireless module to make better contact.

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  265. I built the Adeept Smart Car Kit for Arduino,
    my System: Windows 8.1Pro

    Problem with software:
    Adruino exe with correct Board and Port installed
    Compiling OK
    BUT Upload does not work, see picture

    Problem with hardware
    Switch OFF : Nothing happens, just a few LEDs see picture
    Switch ON : !!! the left wheel turns without stop.

    What I did before:
    I checked pin by pin for good connection with multimeter,
    reset button
    battery out / in
    but same problem

    Any further suggestion? Please!

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