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  • ByJolte
  • Oct 12, 2018
I did buy this product. but the guide book with the lessons is missing. How do I get the guidebook?

  • ByVery comprehensive kit at a great price
  • Jun 24, 2018
Gives you everything you need to work through the Arduino platform.

Thanks for the positive feedback!

By Manager Jul 18,2018 14:40:03

  • Bycustomer
  • May 22, 2018
Hi, I bought this set couple of years ago. I lost the user manual. Where can I download it?

  • Bythty
  • Mar 07, 2018
this suks

  • ByJRR
  • Dec 28, 2017
Good selection of hardware. Good quality manual. Kit came with a miniature CD that you can only read in a laptop CD/DVD. CD contains 4 folders: Circuit Diagrams done in fritzing, Code for the sketches, Physical connection diagrams and a PDF version of the manual. There are very few schematic diagrams. The datasheet folder contains 3 PDF's. One for the 74HC595, 1602 LCD, and the ADXL345. Please note that there are no libraries included on the CD. So good luck with the IR remote and receiver, and DHT-11 experiments.In lesson 17 on page 59 it says "we use the Arduino-IRremote-master library(provided)". Does that mean that Adeept has provided it in the kit or we need to obtain it from the arduino site? What is the hyperlink for the download from the Arduino site if that is what we need to do? On the next page it says that we should delete the RobotIRRemote directory in our Arduino IDE directory where the libraries are "otherwise  when we compile the program, errors will be prompted". I would suggest not to do that. Instead save the existing library in case you can't find the "Arduino-IRRemote-master" library. The resistors provided with the kit have leads that are 24 ga. instead of 22 ga.so they will be loose in your breadboard. I like the kit but if you are an absolute beginner, you will have difficulty completing all the experiments in this kit.

  • BySimun
  • Junior Member
  • Dec 02, 2017
Thank you!

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