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  • ByAshraful
  • Dec 13, 2019
I loved this product a lot. can you guys deliver it to Bangladesh? and please tell me the details about your product delivry.

  • BySoftware is broken!
  • Oct 16, 2019
Great little project, loved building it! Sadly, the software is broken - no video. Emailed support - no response.
Sad, it could have been great!

  • ByTom
  • Nov 13, 2018
I Really enjoyed assembling the PICar-A.  The instructions are very clear.  I especially liked the subassembly blow up photos and completed view photos.  The structural basis of the car is 4.5mm sheet plastic, which is very sturdy.  Hole placement and size are good.  As are mechanical fit up cut outs.  The instructions show a step by step general set up of a Raspberry Pi and the additional settings and code to control the car.  There is also a step by step set up for the client software.  Operation of the car takes a little practice and some tweaking of the settings.  The controls are obvious.  I have played a lot with the scan function.  Watching the sensor head rotate.  Then seeing the ultrasonic scan display on the client.  The exposed frame of the car and the open software code make this kit excellent for learning robotics.  IN this regard, the car is open ended.  I am thinking of trying a different camera, with IR LEDs or just adding IR LEDs.  I think many people will find this kit of value.

Now, problems.  The indexing of the servos on page 7, caused me some grief.  I exerted too much pressure on the servo arm and stripped one out.  These are readily available.  So, I bought a bag of replacements. I stripped the first one out of the bag.  The second worked fine.  Not sure how the procedure could be improved.  

The second problem is a bad and good story.  I installed all the software and code per the instruction.  When I first booted up the car, all I could get was about 6 to 10 cm of forward movement and then the server program would crash.  So, I copied the terminal messages into an email and sent to Adeept support.  About two hours later on a Saturday (USA), I received a revised script.  Once installed, the car worked on all functions.  Given the Raspbian, Python, and MS Windows are moving targets I can understand.  To me a good company is one that produces well in a static world, a great company is one that can respond to dynamic changes.  I like this Adeept product and would recommend it to others that want an entry level look at robotic.  I also, have purchased some of their starter kits and like these as well.

  • ByAlf
  • Nov 06, 2018
great product

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