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Adeept Upgrade Ultimate Starter Kit Compatible with Arduino IDE, Drag-and-Drop Coding, C & Python Code, 37 Projects, 628 Pages PDF Tutorial

Designed for beginners and electronic enthusiasts. 37 projects, every project in this starter kit has detailed circuit graph, step-by-step tutorial and fully-tested Arduino sample codes.
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  • Description
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    1. Ultimate starter kit Compatible with Arduino IDE: Those sensors will often being used in beginner's project. It is included Ultrasonic Distance Sensor, PS2 Joystick, Stepper Motor, 7-segment Display, etc.
    2. Drag-and-Drop Graphical Programming: Provides a quick way to learn programming. Python and Arduino Coding on (Windows/macOS/Linux/Chrome OS) software for higher level coding.
    3. Updated tutorial & lessons: More than 30 lessons to show you how to use them, video tutorials are also updated for your better understanding.
    4. Provided with: C and Python code.
    5. Arduino Board is included.

    Download Tutorials:


    1. Blinking LED
    2. Active Buzzer
    3. Button Controlls LED
    4. Relay
    5. Potentiometer
    6. Flowing LED
    7. LED Bar
    8. Breathing LED
    9. RGB LED
    10. Passive Buzzer
    11. LCD1602 and the IIC Interface
    12. Making Voltmeter
    13. 7-segment Display
    14. A Simple Counter
    15. Servo Motor
    16. Digital Thermometer
    17. IR Remoter Controller
    18. DHT-11
    19. Ultrasonic Distance Sensor
    20. MPU6050
    21. 4*4 Matrix Keyboard
    22. DC Motor
    23. PS2 Joystick Module
    24. LED with Tilt Switch
    25. 8*8 Dot-matrix Module
    26. Stepper Motor
    27. Using Photoresistor to Measuring Light Intensity
    28. Light Tracking System
    29. Frequency Meter
    30. PIR Movement Sensor
    31. IR Remot Controller
    32. RGB LED
    33. Stepper Motor
    34. Potentiometer Controlls the Circle Size
    35. Controlling the 3D Model by PS2 Joystick
    36. Snake Game
    37. Star Wars
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