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  • 3D graphics guy
  • Aug 22, 2023
First off let me say this is not my first Robot Rodeo.  I've built some from kits and some from scratch and I've been an electronic hobbyist for many decades.  Second, I haven't yet built this robot but what I have done is inventoried the parts and read every tutorial (16 of them) from beginning to end as well as the assembly instructions and some auxiliary information provided.  Spoiler alert - I'm very impressed with this kit.  As I list out the pros I'll try and think if there are any cons.

  - The choice of the Raspberry Pi Pico for the main controller.  Inexpensive and more available than a traditional Raspberry Pi, for those who want to adventure further they should be able to find Picos on the market.  Besides being more affordable and available, in my opinion, the Pico is a far better robot controller (it is a micro controller after all) than a Pi (it is a micro computer after all with a lot more overhead).
- Very good tutorials.  I would recommend beginners start with tutorial 1 and do them sequentially and only build the robot when they get to the tutorial that requires the robot platform.   Actually before that follow the instructions in the file  named "3 Configure Raspberry Pi Pico environment" as this explains how to get micropython working on the Pico.
- Background information imbedded in the tutorials. Often a bit of background it offered to supplement the main goal of the tutorial of just getting the task done.  For example, the line tracking tutorial talks a bit about the theory of how the line tracking module works using reflected light.
- Speaking of micropython this is a great choice for a learning platform like this as python in general is recognized as one of the most readable programming languages available.  The code in the tutorials should be easy to follow for people just starting off.
- No missing parts - I've had kits that were missing a small but essential part and it stopped me dead in my path until I could find the part.  Not so in this case.

  - I really can't think of anything worth mentioning.

Overall, I'm a big fan of this kit and Adeept as well.