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DIY Robot Car Smart Chassis Kit with Speed Encoder 4 Wheel 2 Layer for Arduino Raspberry Pi

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  • Description
  • Easy to assemble -The mechanical structure is simple and it is very easy to install. Paper assembly instructions will be provided, please see the assembly video: Please get the video link from the product description.
  • The motor has anti-interference function - This car is equipped with four drives, full of horsepower. The DC motor has flexible curves and good directivity. They are all anti-interference (over EMC detection) strong magnetic motors. The characteristics of strong magnetic motors are that the torque is greater than that of ordinary motors, and the speed is fast. It is very suitable for tracking and obstacle avoidance. It will not affect other circuits on the car, and it is highly reliable
  • Multiple holes are reserved on the acrylic plate -The chassis is large and sturdy and easily expandable. The car has reserved holes for sensors such as Arduino UNO, 2009, MEGA2560, MEGA1280, 51 microcontroller control board, drive module, tracking module and obstacle avoidance photoelectric switch, which is convenient for you to assemble and expand
  • Upgraded ! -The car tires have been fully upgraded, the quality has been improved, and the tire texture is full, so that the car will run stably. It is very suitable for customers who have requirements on the quality of the car. The picture shows the comparison between the new and old tires
  • It comes with a tachometer encoder-allowing you to better control the displacement of this car.

Cool while seeing some robot car wandering around. It is very easy. With a car platform, add some micro-controller (such as Arduino) and sensor modules, and program it. Then you made your own robot car!

This 4 Wheel Smart Robot Car Chassis Kit is designed as educational learning kit for beginners (kids) to get hands-on experience about Robotics & Can extend electronics system like Raspberry Pi, or Arduino etc. With systems and other devices, the car chassis can perform functions of tracing, obstacle avoidance, distance testing, speed testing, or wireless remote control.


  • Simple mechanical structure, it is easy to install.
  • Smart robot car with code disk, ideal for DIY.
  • Use for educational learning, smart robot car competition, and entertainment.
  • Can be used for distance measurement, velocity.
  • Can use with other devices to realize function of tracing, obstacle avoidance, distance testing, speed testing, wireless remote control.
  • Made of premium environment protection materials
  • The car comes with tachometer encoder.
  • Uses four deceleration direct current machine curve to be nimble, the directivity is good.
  • Four actuations, horsepower fullness.
  • The chassis big and steady very easy to expand.

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