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Adeept Smart Car Kit for ESP32-WROVER(Compatible with Arduino IDE), Line Tracking, Obstacle Avoidance, OLED Display, Ultrasonic Sensor, ESP32-CAM

This Smart Car Kit is based on ESP32(Included) and designed for teens to learn to coding, IoT and robotics. It is fully compatible with Arduino IDE.
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About this item
  • This Smart Car Kit is based on ESP32(Included) and designed for teens to learn to coding, IoT and robotics. It is fully compatible with Arduino IDE
  • Easy to Assemble and Build - Detailed tutorials(280+ Pages, 20 Lessons) and complete code are provided. The download link can be found on the card in the box (Paper tutorials are NOT available as the tutorials are updated frequently)
  • Multiple Control Methods - Wireless remote control by IR remote control; Remote controlled by Android APP
  • Multiple Functions - Video Transmission; IR/Wi-Fi remote control; Obstacle Avoidance; Line Tracking; Light Tracing; OLED display; LED Dot Matrix Display; Extended WS2812 RGB LED light strip
  • Control Board with Charging - Adeept ESP32 Robot Expansion Board integrates an 8.4V battery charger, allowing you to directly charge the battery through the Type-C interface without an additional charger
Important Tips:
This kit is loose pieces, you need to assemble it yourself!

Download Tutorials:
0001 Adjust the initial angle of the servo
0002 Assemble
001 Introduction of ESP32-WROVER
002 Introduction of Adeept ESP32 Expansion Board
003 Building the Arduino Development Environment
01 Servo Motor
02 DC Motor
03 Buzzer
04 LED matrix
05 WS2812 RGB LED
06 Measure Distance
07 Line Tracking
08 Light Tracing 
09 OLED Display
10 Get battery level infomation
11 Line Tracking Car
12 Light Tracing Car
13 Obstacle avoidance and automatic following
14 IR Remote Control
15 IR Remote Control Car
16 WiFi Remote Control Car

Package List:
 1 Set Structure Parts(Acrylic)
 1x ESP32-WROVER Board
 1x Adeept ESP32 Robot Expansion Board
 1x ESP32-CAM
 1x CAM Expansion Board
 1x OLED Display
 1x Ultrasonic Module
 1x 3-CH Line Tracking Module
 1x Light Tracing Module
 1x IR Remote Control
 1x 16x8 LED Matrix Module
 1x WS2812 RGB LED Module
 4x Servo Motor
 2x TT Motor
 2x Front Wheel
 2x Rear Wheel
 1x 2.4G Antenna
 1x Battery Holder
 4x F624ZZ Bearing
 4x F687ZZ Bearing
 1x Battery Holder
 1x Type-C USB Cable
 Other Necessary Accessories(Cables, Nuts, Screws, Copper Standoffs, Nylon Standoffs, Tools, etc.)


Customer Reviews
Recent Reviews
  • Byjaosn
  • Apr 07, 2024
fun ( not so ) little project with the kids. a bit hard to set up but this is fun getting it build and leanring how things works giving some more options for the kids when they grow up

  • ByPoh Ee Fang
  • Junior Member
  • Apr 03, 2024
Brought a Adeept Smart Car Kit and it came with a broken capacitor on the ESP32 robot expansion board. The support team response was fast and nice to replace a board for me. The kit was easy to build, instruction are clear and easy to understanding. Thank you Adeept Team

  • ByWilliam
  • Feb 01, 2024
First of all, this comes with everything you need to put it together, including a wrench and screwdrivers. It also give you links and guidance for installing the software. The instructions are very good and provide step-by-step written words and pictures to show you exactly what to do. I didn't have any issues putting this together or running the software. It even provides a few extra parts in case you lose something. (or I didn't put something together corectly....naw they are extras).

So before I started this I downloaded everything to my laptop and then set my laptop on my workbench. You need to run the Arduino IDE a cople of times during the build so it helped to have the computer close to the build area. Also, make sure you read the instructions completely before you begin. My only suggestion for the company is that they would be better to have a start-here page so the user doesn't have to search around for what to do and when.

Overall, this thing is a lot of fun and I really recommend it. I am buying one for my adult son to do.

  • ByKoshy
  • Jan 24, 2024
The Adeept Smart Car Kit for ESP32-WROVER is an impressive DIY package that offers a comprehensive learning experience in robotics and programming. Compatible with Arduino IDE, this kit is perfect for enthusiasts, hobbyists, and students looking to dive into STEM education. One of the standout features is the inclusion of a high-quality OLED display, which provides a crisp and clear visual interface for the car's status and settings. The ultrasonic sensor enables accurate obstacle detection, allowing the car to navigate around objects with ease. The ESP32-CAM module enables video transmission, opening up possibilities for remote monitoring and control. The line tracking feature ensures the car stays on course, making it ideal for autonomous driving projects. Remote control capabilities via a smartphone app or computer add an exciting element to the kit, allowing users to drive the car from a distance. The kit's compatibility with Arduino IDE makes it accessible to a wide range of users, from beginners to experienced makers. With extensive documentation and tutorials available, getting started is easy. Overall, the Adeept Smart Car Kit for ESP32-WROVER is an exceptional value for its price. It offers a well-rounded learning experience, robust hardware, and endless possibilities for customization and expansion. I highly recommend it to anyone interested in robotics, programming, and STEM education.