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L298N Motor Drive Controller Board Stepper Motor Control Module Dual H-Bridge with DC Motor and Smart Car Wheel Compatible with Arduino

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About this item

  • This is a good parts kit for an Arduino and raspberry pi based RC car project. It not only comes with 4pcs wheels and motors, but also 2pcs motor drive modules and 60pcs jumper wires, which are very useful accessories for your project.
  • Motor Drive Controller: L298N used as the main driver chip. It has the strong driving ability, low calorific value and strong anti-interference ability.
  • TT Motor: The motor is a two-axis motor with a reduction ratio of 1:48, which has strong anti-interference ability.
  • Smart Car Wheels: The wheels are made of high-strength plastic and the tires are made of durable black rubber.
  • To avoid damage the voltage stabilizing chip of Motor Drive Module, please use an external 5V logic supply when using more than 12V driving voltage.

Motor Drive Module
Operating mode: H-bridge driver (dual)
Chip: L298N
Logic voltage: 5V
Logic current 0mA-36mA
Drive voltage: 5V-35V
Drive current: 2A (MAX single bridge)
Maximum power: 25W
Dimensions: 43x43x27mm

General Application: 
When your driver is 7V-12V (Marked as 12V Input), you can use the on-board 5V logic supply. 
When using the on-board 5V power supply, do not input voltage at interface 5V Input, but it can 
draw 5V voltage for external use.
Unconventional application of high-voltage drive: 
When the driving voltage is higher than 12V, less than or equal to 24V. First, the onboard 5V 
output enabled jumper cap must be removed, and then connect the 5V external voltage to the 
5V Input interface to power the L298N internal logic circuit.

DC Motor
Operating Voltage: 3V ~ 6V DC
Reduction ratio: 1:48 
When the voltage is 6V:
No-load current: ≤200mA
No-load speed: 200±10%rpm
When the voltage 3V:
No-load current: ≤150mA
No-load speed: 90±10%rpm

Package List:
4x Smart Car Wheel
4x DC Motor
2x L298N Motor Drive Controller Board
20x 20CM Jumer Wire female to female
20x 20CM Jumer Wire Male to Male
20x 20CM Jumer Wire Male to Female
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