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GY-8511 ML8511 UVB Rays Sensor Breakout Test Module UV Tester Analog Voltage Output Module

The ML8511 breakout is an ultraviolet light sensor which is easy to use.
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The ML8511
breakout is an ultraviolet light sensor which is easy to use. The MP8511 UV (ultraviolet) Sensor works by outputing an analog signal in relation to the amount of UV light that's tested. This breakout can be very handy in creating devices that warn the user of sunburn or test the UV index as it relates to weather conditions. 
The range of the most effective light tested by the sensor is 280-390nm. This is categorized as part of the UVB (burning rays) spectrum and most of the UVA (tanning rays) spectrum. It outputs an analog voltage that is linearly related to the measured UV intensity (mW / cm2). If your microcontroller can do an analog to digital signal conversion then you can test the level of UV! 
ML8511 UV light can be used with an analog voltage output proportional to the amount. Since the output voltage can therefore be directly connected to the MCU built A / D digital / analog converter, no photoelectric converting circuit. And the use of small, low-profile surface-mount package, suitable for use in portable devices.

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1 x GY-8511 ML8511 UVB rays sensor
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