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0.1-500MHz AD831 High Frequency RF Mixer Drive Amplifier Module Board HF VHF/UHF

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The AD831 is a low distortion, wide dynamic range, single-chip mixer suitable for RF-IF downconversion in HF and VHF receivers, second mixer in DMR base stations, DC-baseband conversion, quadrature modulation And demodulation as well as Doppler shift detection in ultrasound imaging applications.
The AD831 provides a +24 dBm third-order intercept point for -10 dBm LO power consumption without the need for a high-power LO driver and without the corresponding shielding and isolation issues, resulting in improved performance over passive mixers System performance, reduce system cost.
The mixer is designed for single-supply operation, RF, IF and LO ports with DC isolation capacitors, easy to use.
RF and LO inputs operate up to 500MHz.
The IF output is a single-ended voltage output.
With 250 MHz output bandwidth.
A single resistor connected between pins OUT and FB is used to set the gain.
The amplifier has low DC offset characteristics, which can be used for DC - baseband frequency conversion and quadrature amplitude demodulation and other DC-coupled applications.
The mixer's output amplifier and the best source impedance, the mixer SSB noise figure at 70 MHz 10.3 dB. Unlike passive mixers, the AD831 does not have insertion loss, eliminates the need for an external duplexer, and requires no passive termination.

RF input: 0.1-500MHz
RF input: + 10dBm (1dB compression point)
Local oscillator input: 0.1-500MHz
Local oscillator input: -10dBm
IF output: 0.1-200MHz
Supply voltage: 9 - 11V single-ended power supply
Color: green
Size: 20*30MM
Material: Electronic component

Package Included:
1 x AD831 Frequency Converter Module
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