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Adeept 4 Axis Robotic Arm Kit for for Raspberry Pi 4/3B/3B+

This is a Raspberry Pi-based robotic arm kit. It is compatible with Raspberry Pi 4/3B/3B+.
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This is a Raspberry Pi-based robotic arm kit. It is compatible with Raspberry Pi 4/3B/3B+. This robotic arm uses Raspberry Pi(NOT included) as the main control board, Adeept PiArm HAT as the driver board, and uses Python as the programming language. This robotic arm is completely open source, you can modify the code yourself to achieve more features. Adeept PiArm HAT integrates DC-DC buck circuit, 4-CH ADC, and 16-CH servo controller to facilitate you to expand more functions.

1. Multi-function Robotic Arm Kit -- This is an open-source desktop robot arm for physical learning, improving building skills, coding and and creative work. You can choose the function you like to learn.
2. Hight Quality -- Excellent structural design, use high quality bearings, more stable and flexible operation,improve work efficiency.
3. Flexible PS2 Joystick Controller -- Using the PS2 joystick controller we can control the movement of each servo or axis of the robot,convenient and save time.
4. Memory Actions -- It can record each position or step and then the robot arm can automatically run and repeat these steps. Through these memory functions, it can repeat the steps just operated without using PS2 Joystick Controller.
5. Easy to used -- Offer easy-to-follow graphical instructions and example code, with download links in the product tips(Raspberry Pi and batteries are NOT included)

Download Tutorials:

Package List:
1x Adeept PiArm HAT
2x Adeept PS2 Joystick Module
3x SG90 Servo Motor
1x AD002 Servo Motor
1x 18650 Battery Holder
1x Turntable
1x M2 Phillips Screwdriver
1x M3 Phillips Screwdriver
1x 5.5-4 Spanner
A set of acrylic accessories
A set of fastener(Screws, nuts, copper columns, etc.)

This robotic arm is powered by 2x 18650 batteries with button-top heads. Batteries are not included in this kit, you need to buy them yourself.
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