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Adeept Primary Starter Kit for Arduino UNO R3 with 27 Projects with Processing | I2C IIC LCD1602 | Arduino Starter Kit with detailed Manual

Excellent Manual - 147 pages, 27 projects, take you from the primer to the mastery; Well-planned Processing lessons - Arduino interacts with the Computer
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  • A wide variety of electronic components - The best choice for Arduino beginners
  • Excellent Manual - 147 pages, 27 projects, take you from the primer to the mastery
  • Well-planned Processing lessons - Arduino interacts with the Computer
  • Powerful technical support - Official forum, YouTube videos and E-mail
  • Adeept Arduino UNO R3 board is included.

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Chapter 1 LED
  Project 1.1  Blinking LED
  Project 1.2  LED Flowing Lights
Chapter 2 Button
  Project 2.1  Controlling an LED with a button
Chapter 3  Tilt Switch 
  Project 3.1  Tilt Switch
Chapter 4 Buzzer
  Project 4.1  Active Buzzer
Chapter 5 PWM
  Project 5.1  Breathing LED
  Project 5.2  Passive Buzzer
  Project 5.3  Controlling a RGB LED with PWM
Chapter 6 7-segment display
  Project 6.1  7-segment display
Chapter 7  Analog
  Project 7.1  Photoresistor
  Project 7.2  Photoresistor controls LED
  Project 7.3  Thermistor
  Project 7.4  Temperature alarm
  Project 7.5  Electronic organ
Chapter 8   LCD1602
  Project 8.1  LCD1602
  Project 8.2  IIC Interface module
  Project 8.3  LCD1602 Display Photoresistor data
Chapter 9  Frequency meter
  Project 9.1  Frequency meter
Chapter 10  Rotary Encoder Module
  Project 10.1  Rotary Encoder Module
  Project 10.2  Rotary Encoder controls RGB
  Project 10.3  LCD1602 display the value of the rotary encoder
Chapter 11  Ultrasonic Distance Sensor
  Project 11.1  Ultrasonic Distance Sensor
  Project 11.2  11.2 LCD1602 display Ultrasonic value
Chapter 12  Processing + Respberry Pi
  Project 12.1 Photoresistor Control picture brightness
  Project 12.2 Processing Control RGB
  Project 12.3 Processing Detect Ultrasonic data
  Project 12.4 Processing pong


Package List:
1x Adeept Arduino UNO R3 Board
1X Rotary Encoder Module
1x DC Motor
1x L9110 motor driver
1x LCD1602
1x I2C Interface Module
1X Ultrasonic Distance Sensor
1x 7-Segment Display
1x NE555 Chip
1x Passive Buzzer
1x Active buzzer
2x Photoresistance
2X Thermistor
2x Tilt Switch
2x Switch
4x Red LED
4x Green LED
4x Yellow LED
4x Blue LED
16x Resistor(220Ω)
10x Resistor(1 kΩ)
10x Resistor(10 kΩ)
5x Capacitor(104)
2x Capacitor(10uF)
4x Button(large)
8x Button(small)
1x Button cap(red)
1x Button cap(white)
2x Button cap(blue)
2x NPN Transistor(8050)
2x PNP Transistor(8550)
2x Potentiometer(10KΩ)
1x 9V Battery Holder
1x Breadboard
1x USB Cable
40x Male to Male Jumper Wires
20x Male to Female Jumper Wires
1x 4-Pin Wires
1x 5-Pin Wires
1x Band Resistor Card
1x Project Box

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