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  • BySteve C
  • Aug 13, 2022
I love this robot kit, but I hate the manuals.
There are no videos for assembly of the DarkPaw quad whick would not be a problem if there was a decent manual enclosed. I have been a computer technician for decades and have several raspberry pi's doing all sorts of things. I found that there are several versions of the instructions fron adeept but they are all pictures only, not a problem for me, oh wait a picture of one part shows a spacer at the front, another the spacer at the rear. one picture of the completed robot had no nuts or bolts on one leg. the views are all from one direction so hard to make out which part goes on shaft first etc. Oh and all four legs are different it tells you this a bit late and numbers them differently within the same manual.

By following the manual precisely I had servo linkages working at an angle so had to swap spacer positions to get everything aligned correctly

I resorted to throwing the manual in the bin and assembling by trial and error, this was much easier and quicker!

I would still recommend this kit to people that are mechanically minded as I feel it is good value, especially with the software included.

Just don't rely on the manual it was obviously written by someone that had not assembled this kit.

Good luck

  • ByPanos
  • Sep 23, 2019
To begin with, A really fun procedure to assemple, maybe a manual inside the box would come in handy.
An interesting robot to work with and experiment with OpenCv and Raspberry in general.
Would recommend!

  • ByMd Mehedi Hasan
  • Sep 06, 2019
Good Enough project..But it should be add more features to it like Real time object detection...follow me robot features and live terminal on gui interface attached

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