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  • Junior Member
  • Apr 06, 2021
I am a native player in this field, but with helps from Adeept service support, I was able to assembly it. Great Job, Keep on adding oil.

  • ByDennis B (England)
  • Feb 05, 2021
I strongly disagree with the unfair negative review others have left on this new product from Adeept.  This is a terrific rover for the money living up to the 'Pro' category that Adeept have given it.  I dint see any others out there for the price to rival the quality of kit offered here.  My only disapointment was with the steering mechanism which, in my opinion, is poorly thought out and could be made much better if it followed the linkage systems adopted by remote controlled cars.  I made a few minor modifications to mine which I'm happy to share with Adeept if they wish to get in touch get in touch!  (I'll send photographs).

A few issues with the software perhaps but Adeept are always updating so I would expect the minor bugs with the LED controls will be sorted.  The build is well documented on the sites download pages and it provides an excellent platform for further development and experimentation.  Perhaps for future development,  I would like to see Adeept revise the design of the electronics cover plate to allow attachment of the robot arm on top (rather than the front) so that both the arm and PTZ camera arrangement can be built on the chassis at the same time.  Excellent quality components. Haven't seen anything near the quality at this price and I looked at a lot.  Compare the price and functionality with the Go-Pi-Go car.  Thew Adeept PiCar Pro is cheaper, versatile, an interesting build and more fun to play around with.

  • ByDanny
  • Nov 21, 2020
Aluminum alloy structure, the seller has already assembled the basic chassis part, easy to use

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