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  • ByT.L.
  • Jul 03, 2024
I'm a huge fan of the Omni Directional robot car that features a Banana Pi PicoW S3 from Adeept. This is my fourth or so Adeept Robot kit and like the others it was easy to follow the tutorials and get everything working.

- Banana Pi PicoW S3 (WIFI, Bluetooth)
- Mecanum Wheels (allow for the omnidirectional movement)
- 3 Line Finders (together as one unit to properly follow along a line -- ie 0 1 0 where each sensor detects the presence of the line)
- Onboard buzzer
- 4 servo controllers (uses 1 for the project to control the neck)
- 4 WS2812 "Neopixels"
- Ultrasonic module
- LCD display
- IR receiver and remote
- LED Matrix

This was my first use of a Banana Pi PicoW S3. It has an Espressif ESP32S3 on board. The board is setup to work with CircuitPython a flavor of python for microcontrollers. I did end up using Arduino with the board as well which I'll talk to later but CircuitPython makes it very easy to get started as it acts as a drive you can edit the code directly on. On top of that the popularity of the platform means a lot of additional libraries exist making upgrades feasible.

In the associated zip for the car they have assemble instructions, lesson documents, and associated code for using each element of the car. The assembly is pretty straightforward just requiring some care when attaching the wheels as the configuration to work is described in the document and any other setup will cause the car to behave erratically (the wheels are the key to the omni-directional movement).

The lessons are nice as you can see pretty easily how each of the individual elements come together to work. For example the line finder one is pretty useful as you can calibrate (via screws) each of the line finder units individually until you get it working great so you know later on the robot will be fine.

In addition to the lessons and their code there is the robot control code. There's logic for the IR remote to control the car in each direction and also the ability to control the code over its own access point (it uses the ESP32S3 in access point mode). I was able to send commands to it to control via a socket connection which was neat. They have an app you can download to control the car as well via that connection.

In addition I was able to modify the car myself to add some neat features. It wasn't too hard to add support for controlling the car via my voice using a offline voice recognition module over i2c. You'll want to make sure if connecting a cable to i2c you confirm the pinout of the sensor connecting. Pin 20 is SDA, Pin 21 SCL.

For control of the car via Arduino there isn't a built in guide but if you're able to read the schematics it's not too difficult. Some things to keep in mind: you need to use tweezers to hit the boot solder points while pressing reset to program the board in Arduino (you can use the Espressif Arduino core), the board uses the generic "ESP32S3 Dev Module" within Arduino so you need to refer to the pins on the ESP32S3 vs the board pins when programming that way.

So yeah, it's a great car with a lot of space for upgrading. The car is neat in regards to how you can control its direction. I'd highly recommend it.

  • ByVijayshree
  • Feb 01, 2024
This package have everything you might need to build the car and even they provide out of box code to load on ESP32 for quick start. Though I think beginner might find it difficult to assemble this end to end but after slight learning curve it should be just fine. Since its built on standard sensors/controllers, I think code can be tweaked to implement own functionality. Overall this Kit is a fantastic blend of education and entertainment. It's a great way to get kids (and adults!) interested in STEM subjects, all while building a super cool robot car that will be the envy of the neighborhood. So, if you're looking for a project that's both fun and rewarding, give this kit a whirl – you won't be disappointed!

  • ByVijayshree
  • Feb 01, 2024
I recently acquired this Kit, and my overall experience has been quite remarkable. This DIY STEM kit is specifically designed on ESP-32, offering a sophisticated and educational approach to robotics.

The standout feature of this kit is undoubtedly the Mecanum wheels, providing exceptional omni-directional movement. The inclusion of an LCD1602 display adds a layer of interactivity, enhancing the overall learning experience. As someone keen on programming, I was pleased to find Python code included, making it accessible for enthusiasts of varying skill levels.

What sets this kit apart is the comprehensive set of PDF tutorials accompanying it. These tutorials are well-structured and beginner-friendly, guiding users through the assembly process, programming, and various applications step by step. The clear instructions significantly contributed to the overall satisfaction of the building process.

Visiting the Adeept Store has been a positive experience, showcasing a commitment to quality and education in the realm of DIY robotics. The kit's compatibility with ESP32-S3 and Banana Pi PicoW-S3 demonstrates forward-thinking design and versatility. The only suggestion for improvement would be to include more advanced tutorials for users seeking to expand their knowledge beyond the basics.

In conclusion, the Adeept 4WD Omni-Directional Mecanum Wheels Robotic Car Kit is a commendable choice for anyone interested in delving into the world of robotics, programming, and STEM education. With its impressive features, educational resources, and compatibility, this kit provides an excellent platform for learning and experimentation. I highly recommend it for both beginners and enthusiasts alike.

  • ByAlex Gunn
  • Feb 01, 2024
It's fun to build, the hardware is fairly well documented so building it is a fun task. The coding part is disappointing as it basically provides you all the code you need, but doesn't encourage any kind of growth with the code. Mainly it's copy -> paste and it works.

I think this is a cool little thing and you get some good hardware and some good code for the money. But if you are thinking of getting it for someone looking to learn i think there are better options out there.

  • ByLeslie B.
  • Sep 24, 2023
Picked up the Adeept 4WD Robot Kit as a Christmas surprise for my grandson. Because of his age, his dad and grandpa went ahead and put it together. The assembly was straightforward. My husband decided to give it a whirl and ended up having a blast! The robot's omnidirectional movements are impressive, navigating even tight spots with ease. It's clear this kit offers a wonderful introduction to programming and robotics, blending fun with education. While it's intended for my grandson, I can see people of all ages enjoying it. Looking forward to seeing my grandson's reaction! Highly recommended for those interested in diving into the world of robotics.

  • ByCyberbard
  • Sep 24, 2023
Saw this and had to try it for my School Class as a project. I'll review again once built and used but so far it appears exceptionally well designed, well made and, from an educational standpoint, a fun introduction to building and especially programming basic robots.
The kit is based on assembling pre-made units - no soldering needed that I can see. A bit like assembling a computer from parts.. Can't tell how good the programming interface is yet, but appears to use the Python coding language which should be a great introduction to more complex robotics coding.
Omnidirectional wheels will make it fun to use and i'm looking forward to trying out line following, collision avoidance etc. There are no written instructions provided, they give you a link to an online PDF 200+ pages with 27 tutorials. I'm hoping these are clearly enough written that I don't have to add any myself....we'll see.

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