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  • ByLeslie B.
  • Sep 24, 2023
Picked up the Adeept 4WD Robot Kit as a Christmas surprise for my grandson. Because of his age, his dad and grandpa went ahead and put it together. The assembly was straightforward. My husband decided to give it a whirl and ended up having a blast! The robot's omnidirectional movements are impressive, navigating even tight spots with ease. It's clear this kit offers a wonderful introduction to programming and robotics, blending fun with education. While it's intended for my grandson, I can see people of all ages enjoying it. Looking forward to seeing my grandson's reaction! Highly recommended for those interested in diving into the world of robotics.

  • ByCyberbard
  • Sep 24, 2023
Saw this and had to try it for my School Class as a project. I'll review again once built and used but so far it appears exceptionally well designed, well made and, from an educational standpoint, a fun introduction to building and especially programming basic robots.
The kit is based on assembling pre-made units - no soldering needed that I can see. A bit like assembling a computer from parts.. Can't tell how good the programming interface is yet, but appears to use the Python coding language which should be a great introduction to more complex robotics coding.
Omnidirectional wheels will make it fun to use and i'm looking forward to trying out line following, collision avoidance etc. There are no written instructions provided, they give you a link to an online PDF 200+ pages with 27 tutorials. I'm hoping these are clearly enough written that I don't have to add any myself....we'll see.

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