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5pcs LM393 3.3V-5V Soil Moisture Detect Sensor Soil Moisture Sensor Soil Hygrometer Detection

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  • Description
  • This is a simple moisture sensor can be used to detect soil moisture, when the soil water shortage, the module outputs a high level, whereas the output low.
  • Use this sensor to make an automatic watering device that will keep your garden of plants unmanaged.
  • Module dual output mode, digital output is simple, more accurate analog output.
  • Sensitivity adjustable (Figure blue digital potentiometer adjustment)
  • Comparator using LM393 chip.

Wiring ( 4 -wire ):
1)VCC external 3.3V-5V
2)GND External
3)DO small board digital output interfaces ( 0 and 1 )
4)AO analog output voltage of small plates

1. Sensor for detecting moisture in the soil
2. Sodule is the blue potentiometer to adjust the threshold for soil moisture , clockwise adjustment, control humidity will be bigger, smaller counter-clockwise 
3. Digital outputs D0 can be directly connected with the microcontroller through the microcontroller to detect high and low , thereby detecting soil moisture
4. Small plates AO analog output modules can be connected and AD through the AD converter , you can get a more accurate value of soil moisture 
5. Operating Voltage 3.3V-5V
6. Has a fixed bolt holes for easy installation
7. PCB Size : 3.2cm * 1.4m

Package Included:
5x LM393 Soil Moisture Sensor

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