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  • ByJinfrey
  • Apr 07, 2024
This car kit was a fun project and a great introduction to robotics. Putting it together was straightforward, and the included instructions and code were easy to follow. I like that it offers different functions like obstacle avoidance and line tracking, letting me experiment and learn how these aspects of robotics work. It's a great way to get started with coding and robotics concepts.

  • ByChristina
  • Apr 07, 2024
This Smart Car Kit is impressive! It requires a little bit of adult supervision/assistance, but it’s great for kiddos with a curious mind! An affinity for technology helps, too! This is an awesome project!

  • ByChristopher D.
  • Feb 01, 2024
We bought this kit for our 8 and 10 year old boys to assemble. They had a great time putting it together and it worked well for them. We recommend this product.

  • ByAmazon Customer
  • Feb 01, 2024
I had a really good time using this product. It was super cool and helped my friend learn how to code. All of the parts worked so far, and the product was easy to make. There was a lot of documentation online to help with the process. I would recommend.

  • ByBrian Severn
  • Nov 30, 2023
This kit is impressive! This is light years ahead of the Radio Shack kits we had as kids. Likely more geared at teens to adults, this kit has a ton of parts. Not only that, but these are higher quality parts, and it's apparent that they spent a lot of attention to details.

Following the online manual one will learn a variety of lessons as you build out the vehicle, and download code libraries to learn Arduino coding.

Don't expect to build this overnight, it should keep it's builder/programmer busy for a considerable length of time exploring robotics, electronics, and coding. In my opinion this is an excellent robotics starter kit!

  • ByAML
  • Nov 30, 2023
A full fun project to explore here. The kit comes with all you need, including the link to get started and videos. I will say it can seem overwhelming at first if you are a beginner to pull out all this stuff and think, "Where do I start?" Even opening the links can be quite scary, and the videos are not in a basic order. However, if you get the zip file, it will walk you through each step. While I think C/C++ can be a challenge if you don't have the patience, I do not think of it as a hindering issue. Again for beginners, it still will not be a walk in the park, but it's not impossible. For robotics folks, this can be fun or too easy, but for those who just want an adventure, this is well worth it.

  • ByLike.No.Other
  • Nov 06, 2023
OMG!! When I first ordered this product, I was under the assumption it will be a Lego-like experience. I was dead wrong. Included in this box is a bunch of electric pc boards in it's own esd sealed baggie, cables, wires, connectors, and other parts. They provide a website to visit and download the 50MB zip file. Inside the zip file you'll find an assortment of files, application, and additional diagrams..etc. Ive included a screenshot of the files. In no way shape or form is this a straight forward 'toy'. It's more of a learning experience in the field of Electronics and Programming. The kit requires a lot of reading and following directions to better understand how each component interacts with another. The end result is a 'smart car' that is custom to how you want it built. I really like this type of product and can see an older child, even a teenager, be interested in this product if given as a gift. Highly recommend. 5 stars!!

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