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  • ByLike.No.Other
  • Nov 06, 2023
OMG!! When I first ordered this product, I was under the assumption it will be a Lego-like experience. I was dead wrong. Included in this box is a bunch of electric pc boards in it's own esd sealed baggie, cables, wires, connectors, and other parts. They provide a website to visit and download the 50MB zip file. Inside the zip file you'll find an assortment of files, application, and additional diagrams..etc. Ive included a screenshot of the files. In no way shape or form is this a straight forward 'toy'. It's more of a learning experience in the field of Electronics and Programming. The kit requires a lot of reading and following directions to better understand how each component interacts with another. The end result is a 'smart car' that is custom to how you want it built. I really like this type of product and can see an older child, even a teenager, be interested in this product if given as a gift. Highly recommend. 5 stars!!

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