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Adeept Arduino Compatible DIY 5-DOF Robotic Arm Kit for Arduino UNO R3 | STEAM Robot Arm Kit with Arduino and Processing Code

Developed for robot lovers, the 5-axis robotic arm kit is designed based on Arduino UNO R3. Detailed manual(PDF) and a variety of interesting Arduino code routines are provided.
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This is a desktop mini robotic arm, which can do a lot of things. It is developed based on Arduino and can be controlled in more than one way. It's totally open source so you can extend more self-defined functions and operations.

Be able to imitate movements of human's arm and hand, the robotic arm can be programmed to grab and move objects or use tools automatically. Robotic arms are the earliest industrial and modern robots. They can help to realize mechanization and automation of manufacture even under harsh working conditions so as to emancipate human from arduous and repetitive work and even dangerous risks. Hence they are widely used in machinery manufacture, metallurgy, electronics, light industry, atomic energy, etc.

  • Developed for robot lovers, the 5-axis robotic arm kit is designed based on Arduino UNO R3. Detailed manual(PDF) and a variety of interesting Arduino code routines are provided.
  • Multiple Control Methods - Manual control (Controlled by rotating the potentiometer knob on the driver board); Remote control(Controlled by graphical processing-based PC software).
  • Multiple Features - Self-learning, drawing, imitating, etc.
  • Strong Technical Support - Official forum, blog, videos and quick-responding technical support with e-mails.
  • The driver board and Arduino UNO R3 are integrated into one PCB for more stable performance.


Download Tutorials:

Package List:
 1 Set Acrylic Plates
 1x Adeept Robotic Arm Driver Board(Compatible with Arduino)
 1x 0.96'' OLED Display
 6x Servo(MG90S)
 1x Battery Holder
 1x Cross Socket Wrench
 1x Cross Screwdriver
 1x Winding Pipe
 1x Bearing
 4x Suction Cup
 1x Micro USB Cable
 Other Necessary Accessories(Wires, Nuts, Screws, Copper Standoffs, etc.)

Self-provided Parts:
2x 18650 Rechargeable Li-ion Battery
Customer Reviews
Recent Reviews
  • ByMassimo Romano
  • Nov 06, 2020
I am a student of Cybernetic Engineering at the University of Palermo. I am using this Robot for the Degree Thesis and it seems to me of excellent quality also based on the price. I recommend it for both lovers and professionals in Robotics, especially for those who want to learn Robotics!

  • ByMohamed Wael
  • Aug 28, 2020
Overall it was a great experience. I was selecting an arm robot kit for my robotics crash course and I chose it.
the kit is excellent and it combines many plays for the kids to play. I liked also the usage of processing tool.
However, the assembly video contains some information that is not compatible with the manual and I would like to refer the manual was correct in most of the cases.
Currently, I would like to get a schematic diagram for the adeept micro controller to teach some electrical conspts and how to read the manual for them. i hope if you contact me

  • Byjesse
  • Jan 06, 2020
overall the robot arm is great. all of the product came and on time.i had to order batteries for it though. i didnt see that coming.i had penlight batteries that held me off till i got them; the arm has a slight glitch in it that ill have to look into.im new to the IDE programming part and i erased the board. support sent me a new sketch and its back to factory and with out the glitch.within the 24 hour time they said.this may look like a kids toy but its college students.its not exactly simple.

  • ByMicro
  • Oct 07, 2019
Great robot overall. I just cant find were i can program it. If someone can send me a link were to program it that would be extremely helpful.