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Adeept Smart Car Kit(Compatible with Arduino IDE), Line Tracking, Obstacle Avoidance, OLED Display, Ultrasonic Sensor, IR Wireless Remote Control

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About this item
  • This Smart Car Kit is designed for teens to learn to coding, building and Robotics. It is developed based on MEGA328P, and it is fully compatible with Arduino IDE. It is the best choice for learning programming and robotics.
  • Easy to Assemble and Build - Detailed tutorials(320 Pages, 22 Lessons) and complete code are provided. The download link can be found on the card in the box (Paper tutorials are NOT available as the tutorials are updated frequently).
  • Multiple Control Methods - Wireless remote control by IR remote control; Remote controlled by Android APP.
  • Multiple Functions - IR/Wi-Fi remote control; Obstacle avoidance; Line tracking; Light Tracing; OLED display; 128 pixel LED dot matrix display; Dual 10mm RGB LED turn signal; Extended WS2812 RGB LED light strip. 
  • Control Board with Charging - Adeept Robot Control Board integrates an 8.4V battery charger, allowing you to directly charge the battery through the Type C interface without the need to purchase an additional charger.

Important Tips:
This kit is loose pieces, you need to assemble it yourself!

Download Tutorials:
0001 Adjust the initial angle of the servo
0002 Assemble
001 Introduction of Adeept Robot Control Board
002 Building the Arduino Development Environment
01 Onboard LED
02 Servo Motor
03 Control the Servo through PCA9685
04 How to Control a DC Motor
05 Buzzer
06 Control the RGB LED
07 WS2812 RGB LED
08 Measure Distance
09 Light Tracing
10 Line Tracking
11 OLED Display
12 Control the 16x8 LED Matrix
13 Get battery level infomation
14 IR Remote Control
15 IR Remote Control Car
16 WiFi Remote Control Car
17 Remote Control by Computer
18 Line Tracking Car
19 Light Tracing Car
20 Obstacle avoidance and automatic following

Package List:
 1 Set Structure Parts(Acrylic)
 1x Adeept Robot Control Board(Based on MEGA328P, fully compatible with Arduino IDE)
 1x OLED Display
 1x ESP8266 WiFi Module
 1x Ultrasonic Module
 1x 3-CH Line Tracking Module
 1x Light Tracing Module
 1x IR Remote Control
 1x 16x8 LED Matrix Module
 1x WS2812 RGB LED Module
 2x Adeept RGB LED Module
 3x Servo Motor
 2x TT Motor
 2x Front Wheel
 2x Rear Wheel
 4x F624ZZ Bearing
 4x F687ZZ Bearing
 1x Battery Holder
 1x Type-C USB Cable
 Other Necessary Accessories(Cables, Nuts, Screws, Copper Standoffs, Nylon Standoffs, Tools, etc.)
Customer Reviews
Recent Reviews
  • ByJinfrey
  • Apr 07, 2024
This car kit was a fun project and a great introduction to robotics. Putting it together was straightforward, and the included instructions and code were easy to follow. I like that it offers different functions like obstacle avoidance and line tracking, letting me experiment and learn how these aspects of robotics work. It's a great way to get started with coding and robotics concepts.

  • ByChristina
  • Apr 07, 2024
This Smart Car Kit is impressive! It requires a little bit of adult supervision/assistance, but it’s great for kiddos with a curious mind! An affinity for technology helps, too! This is an awesome project!

  • ByChristopher D.
  • Feb 01, 2024
We bought this kit for our 8 and 10 year old boys to assemble. They had a great time putting it together and it worked well for them. We recommend this product.

  • ByAmazon Customer
  • Feb 01, 2024
I had a really good time using this product. It was super cool and helped my friend learn how to code. All of the parts worked so far, and the product was easy to make. There was a lot of documentation online to help with the process. I would recommend.