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BBC Micro:bit Starter Kit component list
Lesson 1 Introduction of BBC micro bit
Lesson 2 Introduction of Micro bit Expansion Board
Lesson 3 How to power the BBC micro:bit
Lesson 4 Start the programming journey
Lesson 5 Learn to Count
Lesson 6 Make name brands
Lesson 7 Display a Pattern
Lesson 8 Customize and Display a Pattern
Lesson 9 Use Buttons to Switch Patterns
Lesson 10 Display a Shaking Heart
Lesson 11 Make a Pedometer
Lesson 12 Make a Compass
Lesson 13 Make a Smart Light
Lesson 14 Make a Thermometer
Lesson 15 Make a Music Player
Lesson 16 Light up an LED
Lesson 17 A Breathing Light
Lesson 18 Control an LED with a Button
Lesson 19 The Way to Change the Color of a RGB LED
Lesson 20 The Way to Control a Servo
Lesson 21 The Way to Control a Motor
Lesson 22 The Way to Control an Active Buzzer
Lesson 23 The Use of a Passive Buzzer to Play Music
Lesson 24 Play a Custom Music
Lesson 25 LCD1602 and IIC Interface Module
Lesson 26 Distance Measurement Using an Ultrasonic Sensor
Lesson 27 Measurement of Light Intensity Using a Photoresistor
Lesson 28 Light-Controlled Induction Lamp
Lesson 29 Read the Data of a PS2 Joystick
Lesson 30 Read the Data on a 4x4 Matrix Keypad
Lesson 31 Read the Value of a Potentiometer
Lesson 32 Control an LED with a Potentiometer
Lesson 33 Control a Servo with a Potentiometer
Lesson 34 The Control of an LED with a Tilt Switch
Lesson 35 The Way to Use a Rotary Encoder
Lesson 36 Display numbers on the 7-segment digital tube

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