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Lesson 1 Blinking LED
Lesson 2 Active Buzzer
Lesson 3 Control an LED by a Button
Lesson 4 Control a Relay
Lesson 5 Serial Port
Lesson 6 LED Flowing Lights
Lesson 7 LED Bar Graph Display
Lesson 8 Breathing LED
Lesson 9 Control an RGB LED by PWM
Lesson 10 Playing Music
Lesson 11 LCD1602 Display
Lesson 12 A Simple Voltmeter
Lesson 13 7-segment Display
Lesson 15 Control a Servo
Lesson 14 A Simple Counter
Lesson 16 Measure Temperature by a Thermistor
Lesson 17 IR Remote Controller
Lesson 18 Temperature & Humidity Sensor DHT-11
Lesson 19 Ultrasonic Distance Sensor
Lesson 20 3-axis Accelerometer—ADXL345
Lesson 21 4x4 Matrix Keypad
Lesson 22 Control DC motor
Lesson 23 PS2 Joystick
Lesson 24 Tilt Switch
Lesson 25 Dot-matrix Display
Lesson 26 Control Stepper Motor
Lesson 27 Photoresistor
Lesson 28 Automatically Tracking Light Source
Lesson 29 Frequency Meter
Lesson 30 Intrusion Detection based on the PIR
Lesson 31 Control a Relay by IR Remote Controller
Lesson 32 Control an RGB LED by IR Remote Controller
Lesson 33 Control a Stepper Motor by IR Remote Controller
Lesson 34 Control the Size of a Circle by Potentiometer
Lesson 35 Control the 3D Model by PS2 Joystick
Lesson 36 Snake Game
Lesson 37 Star Wars

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