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BBC Micro:bit Sensor Starter Kit Components list
Lesson 1 Introduction of BBC micro bit
Lesson 2 Introduction of Micro bit Expansion Board
Lesson 3 How to power the BBC micro:bit
Lesson 4 Start the programming journey
Lesson 5 Learn to Count
Lesson 6 Make name brands
Lesson 7 Display a Pattern
Lesson 8 Customize and Display a Pattern
Lesson 9 Use Buttons to Switch Patterns
Lesson 10 Display a Shaking Heart
Lesson 11 Make a Pedometer
Lesson 12 Make a Compass
Lesson 13 Make a Smart Light
Lesson 14 Make a Thermometer
Lesson 15 Make a Music Player
Lesson 16 Switching on LED
Lesson 17 How to use the Button module
Lesson 18 Control LED with Limit Switch
Lesson 19 How to control Active buzzer
Lesson 20 The Use of a Passive Buzzer to Play Music
Lesson 21 The Way to Change the Color of the RGB LED
Lesson 22 The Use of a Photoresistor to Measure Light Intensity
Lesson 23 How to Read Potentiometer Data
Lesson 24 How to Control Servo
Lesson 25 Control Servo with Potentiometer
Lesson 26 LCD1602 and IIC Interface Module
Lesson 27 Read PS2 joystick data
Lesson 28 How to control a DC motor
Lesson 29 How to control WS2812 RGB ring
Lesson 30 Measure distance with Ultrasonic Module
Lesson 31 Control LED with Ultrasonic Modul
Lesson 32 Control DC Motor with Ultrasonic
Lesson 33 Control WS2812 RGB Ring with Ultrasonic
Lesson 34 How to Use Rotary Encoder
Lesson 35 Control LED with Touch Button Module
Lesson 36 Temperature Alarm
Lesson 37 Control LED with PIR Sensor
Lesson 38 How to Use Flame Sensor Module
Lesson 39 How to Use Silde Potentiomenter Module
Lesson 40 How to Use Line Finder Module
Lesson 41 Flame Arrester
Lesson 42 CM and Water Level Sensor Module
Lesson 43 CM and Soil Moisture Sensor Module

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